Erika Dagnino


2011 Abingdon Arts Festival   at The Royal British Legion – Abingdon (UK)

 with G.Haslam,  S. Pastor, S. Kershaw, photo by Beryl Murphy.  


     Writer and poet Erika Dagnino has contributed to literary and music magazines such as First Literary Review-East (NY), Levure Littéraire (F), Quaderni d'Altri Tempi (I), SuonoSonda (I). 

     Her musical collaborations include the CD liner notes for Anthony Braxton’s Italian Quartet, Standards (2006), recorded live at PP Café, Brussels and works with Italian avant-garde violinist Stefano Pastor, English saxophonist George Haslam and American pianist and composer Chris Brown.

      She has toured in Italy, England, France, USA performing at festivals and events like Clusone Jazz Festival (I), Phonetica Jazz Festival Maratea (I), Fiera del Libro di Torino (I), The Evolving Voice Series (USA), The Abingdon Arts Festival (UK), Oxford Jazz Master Series (UK), COMA Show at ABC No-Rio (USA), The October Jazz Revolution Festival  NYC (USA).

   She has performed in New York with Ken Filiano, Steve Dalachinsky, Dominic Duval, Satoshi Takeishi, Ras Moshe, Blaise Siwula, John Pietaro, Sten Hostfalt, Andy O'Neill and many others; also collaborating with the American poet Mark Weber and with a number of visual artists.

      Her poetry, fiction and drama have appeared in various anthologies and have won several awards. Some of her latest works were published in Italy, France, USA. In NY she has performed at venues such as Down Town Music Gallery, Bowery Poetry Club, The Brecht Forum and The Stone, among others.

     Her latest works include Cycles (mixed media, with Pastor and with English translation by Anthony Barnett), and the CD Narcéte (in quartet with Pastor, Haslam and Steve Waterman); Racconti dell'ombra (short stories), I canti dell'occhio, Motions, Signs (poetry) and Nel gesto, nel suono. La percezione-decifrazione dell'evento musicale, a book of interviews with professional musicians from different countries.  

     She has founded in  New York the Erika Dagnino Quartet together with K. Filiano, R. Moshe, J. Pietaro (their cd Signs recording at 17th Frost Theatre in Brooklyn in November 2012 will be published very soon in Europe) and the Erika Dagnino Trio with K. Filiano and Satoshi Takeishi.  She is a member of the Dissident Arts Orchestra and the Radical Arts Front in New York City.


Festivals and series:


·         Clusone Jazz Festival (I)

·      Oxford Jazz Master Series (UK)

·      Abingdon Arts Festival (UK)  

·      The October Jazz Revolution Festival  NYC (USA)

·      COMA Show at ABC No-Rio NYC (USA)  

·      Carnival Benefit Festival for ABC No Rio  NYC (USA)  

·      DMG in-store performances   NYC (USA)

·      Downstairs Poetry Series Cornelia Street Café (USA)

·      Saturn Poetry Series NYC (USA)

·      Evolving Voice Series, NYC (USA)

·      Annual Alternative new Years’s Day Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza, NYC (USA)

·         Nomad's Choir Series NYC (USA)  

·      Boulevard Books Series NYC (USA)    

·         Kairos Poetry Café Series NYC (USA)  

·      Green Pavilion Series NYC (USA)    

·      Critical Book&wine (I)

·      Fiera del Libro di Torino (I)

·      Phonetica Jazz Festival Maratea (I)

·      Stoppengò, Roma (I)

·      HousevenT, Suite Galerie Urbaine, Geneve (CH)  

·      Poestate Festival di Poesia - Lugano (CH)

   Clubs, Theatres, Cultural Centers:


·     Park Plaza Restaurant  Brooklyn NYC (USA)  

·     Shape Shifter Lab – Brooklyn NYC (USA)

·     Downtown Music Gallery – NYC (USA)

·     The Stone – NYC (USA)  

·        The Brecht Forum – NYC (USA)  

·     17 Frost Theatre - Brooklyn NYC (USA)

·        LES Gallery Cafè – NYC (USA)

·        Cornelia Street Café – Village NYC (USA)

·     Freddy's Bar and Backroom - Brooklyn NYC (USA)

·     Boulevard Books & Cafe LLC - NYC (USA)

·        Café Orwell – Brooklyn NYC (USA)

·        Nightingale Lounge – NYC (USA)

·        Local 269 –  NYC (USA)

·        Shrine – Harlem NYC (USA)  

·      Studio 353 -  Manhattan NYC (USA)

·        Bowery Poetry Club – NYC (USA)

·        Douglas Street Music Collective – Brooklyn NYC (USA)

·        Goodbye Blue Monday – Brooklyn  NYC (USA)

·        Yippie Museum Café – Greenwich Village NYC (USA)

·        Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village – NYC (USA)

·        Zebulon – Brooklyn  NYC (USA)

·        Revival Bar – NYC (USA)

·        5C Cultural Center and Café –  (NYC) USA  

·        Green Pavilion Restaurant – Brooklyn  NYC (USA)

·        St. John's Lutheran Church – Greenwich Village NYC (USA)  

·        Silvana Club – Harlem NYC (USA)    

·        Outpost 186 – Boston,  MA (USA)

·        Burton Taylor Studio – Oxford (UK)

·        The Royal British Legion Club – Abingdon (UK)

·        Radio Sofia, hosted by Emilia Telese –  Brighton (UK)

·        HousevenT, Suite Galerie Urbaine – Geneve (CH)

·        Galerie Hus – Paris (F)

·        Palazzo Rosso – Genova (I)

·        Casa della Musica – Genova (I)

·        Sinister Noise –  Roma (I)

·        Berio Café Library – Genova (I)

·        Circolo Culturale Acqua su Marte – Pavia (I)

·        Madeleine Café-Teatro Club – Genova (I)

·        Villa Frua – Laveno Mombello, Bergamo (I)  

·     Patio Palazzo Civico in Piazza Riforma, Lugano (CH)


Collaborations with:


Ken Filiano, Satoshi Takeishi, Anthony Braxton, Chris Brown, Dominic Duval, Ras Moshe, Blaise Siwula, Sarah Bernstein, Jean Carla Rodea, 

Matt Lavelle, Andrea Wolper, Yuko Otomo, Bob Heman, Andy O’Neill, Sten Hofstalt, Jason Mears, Steve Dalachinsky, Josh Sinton, Kevin Farrel,

Mike Pride, Chris Welcome, Reuben Radding, Harris Eisenstad, Alex Wing, Kevin Farrel, Brent Arnold, Mark Weber, John Pietaro, Mossa Bildner

Cheryl Pyle, Quincy Saul, Rocco John Iacovone, Javier Hernandez-Miyares, Laurie Towers, Nora McCarthy, Nicolas Letman Burtinovic, Music Now Ensemble, Radical Arts Front, The Red Microphone, Dissident Arts Orchestra.


George Haslam, Steve Kershaw, Steve Waterman, Anthony Barnett, Emilia Telese


Stefano Pastor, Silvia Bolognesi, Andrea Rossi Andrea, Aldo Bagnoni, Marco Tindiglia, Guido De Vecchi, Emilia Telese,  Gianni Mimmo,

Angelo Contini, Paolo Cavallone, Maurizio Borgia


Heike Fiedler, Steve Buchanan  



Some points about the relationship between  Poetry and Voice

from POETRY AND VOICE by Erika Dagnino,

in her book Motions – Italy, May 2010  

  […]To reconnect the voice not only with the sound of words, but with sound per se: a possible feat, indeed. Innocent of further assessments, this sense of vocality results in a vindication of poetry as opaqueness and gravity, sound and emphasis on the sound, while at the same time each and every word changes into both a fragment and a part of a whole, a building block in a work and an unique substance, an element of gravity – meaning weight: the weight of a word in a musical context.

  The ponderable (from Lat. pondus =“weight”) element is materiality; poetry, inasmuch as it constitutes matter, regains the meaning of what has been quantified; the material colour of word wraps itself in obscurity, where gravity is apprehended inasmuch as weight and tone of poetry: as though sound were obscurity and gravity in the context of an endless quest for self. Thus, expressivity equals gravity and obscure tonality as a whole.[…]