New York ,  at The Stone with Moshe Music Now Ensemble, Nov 2012, 

photo by Scott Friedlander



2015 Friday 5 June, 6.45pm 'Versi in voce' con ERIKA DAGNINO al POESTATE 
Festival di Poesia a Lugano 19° Edizione, Patio Palazzo Civico in Piazza Riforma, Lugano (CH)


Saturday, May 3rd, 2014, 2.30 pm
at Park Plaza Restaurant, 220 Cadman Plaza West (near Clark St. and Pineapple Walk)
Brooklyn Heights, NY
Brooklyn-based Poetry Series BROWNSTONE POETS curated by PATRICIA CARRAGON


Sunday, April 27th, 2014
at Downtown Music Gallery,13 Monroe St (between Catherine St. & Market St.)
Lower Manhattan, New York, NY 
Two sets:


Friday, April 25th, 2014
at Goodbye Blue Monday, 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn New York 
Erika Dagnino with The Red Microphone - 8pm

2013 Sunday, July 14th, 2.00pm @St. John’s Lutheran Church
81 Christopher Street, Greenwich Village, New York, USA

2013 Monday, July 1st, 8.00pm @Revival Bar 
129 E 15th St, Manhattan, New York, USA

2013 Wednesday, June 26th, 8.00pm @Green Pavilion Restaurant 
4307 18th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2013 Saturday, June 15th, 9.00pm @Silvana Club
330 West 116 Street, Harlem, New York , USA


2013 Sunday, June 9th, 2013, 6.00pm @Downtown Music Gallery
13 Monroe St , Lower Manhattan New York -USA



Festival di Poesia a Lugano 17° Edizione , Patio Palazzo Civico in Piazza Riforma, Lugano (CH)


2013 SUNDAY, 10 FEBRUARY, from 6.00 to 11.00pm ABC No Rio, C.O.M.A. Carnival Benefit  Festival 

for ABC No Rio – from 7:00 PM – NYC (USA)

Erika Dagnino (poetry) and Josh Sinton (reeds)  Duo will be part of the proceedings of this benefit concert

for ABC No Rio's repairs and construction


2013 TUESDAY, 5 FEBRUARY , Shape Shifter Lab,18 Whitwell Place - Brooklyn NYC (USA)

this event will feature 7.00pmTHE RED MICROPHONE plus ERIKA DAGNINO 



2013 SATURDAY,  26 JANUARY - Full Moon Session – at 11th Street Music NYC (USA)

Erika Dagnino-voice/poetry, Cheryl Pyle-flute, John Pietaro-frame drum


2013 WEDNESDAY, 16 JANUARY, 8.00pm Shrine World Music Venue – Harlem NYC (USA)

Erika Dagnino poetry, with Ras Moshe flute, saxes and John Pietaro drumkit


2013 SATURDAY, 12 JANUARY, 4.00pm NOMAD'S CHOIR SERIES Studio 353 -  Manhattan NYC (USA)

Erika Dagnino poetry, with Ras Moshe flute, saxes and John Pietaro vibraphone, percussion


2012 WEDNESDAY 21 NOVEMBER 10.00pm, The Stone, NYC - USA

 -this event will feature two sets-

 8 pm Music Now Duo: Ras Moshe (tenor sax, flute) Shayna Dulberger (bass)

10 pm Music Now Extended Unit: Ras Moshe (tenor sax, flute) Matt Lavelle (trumpet) Jason Kao Hwang (violin) Tor

Yochai Synder (guitar) James Keepnews (guitar) Nick Gianni (baritone sax, flute) Jeremy Danneman(baritone sax, flute)

Steve Swell (trombone) Andrew Dury (percussion) Erika Dagnino (poetry)


2012 SUNDAY 18 NOVEMBER 7.00pm, Down Town Music Gallery, China Town, NYC - USA

Erika Dagnino poetry, with Ras Moshe sax, flute, Matt Lavelle trumpet, bass clarinet, special guest: Steve Dalachinsky,



2012 WEDNESDAY 14 NOVEMBER 7.00pm, Boulevard Books & Cafe LLC, NYC - USA

Erika Dagnino poetry, with John Pietaro xylophone - hosted by Anthony Vigorito


2012 SUNDAY, 11 NOVEMBER from 7.00pm, The Brecht Forum, New York, NY

this event will feature 3 sets: Bill Cole/Catherine Moones; Music Now: Omar Tamez, John Pietaro, Matt Lavelle, Ras

Moshe;  Erika Dagnino Ensemble


2012 FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER  9.00 pm, Douglass Street Music Collective Brooklyn, NYC - USA

Erika Dagnino poetry, Andrea Wolper vocals, Sarah Bernstein violin, Ras Moshe saxes, flute, Rocco John Iacovone sax,

Josh Sinton baritone sax, John Pietaro drumkit, Nicolas Letman Burtinovic bass


2012 SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER 8.00pm, Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, Brooklyn, NYC - USA

ERIKA DAGNINO QUINTET Erika Dagnino poetry, Ras Moshe sax, flute, Blaise Siwula reeds, Matt Lavelle trumpet,

John Pietaro drumkit, percussion


2012 SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER 10.00pm, 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts, Brooklyn NYC - USA

"The Cabinet of Dr Caligari" with live improvised score by Dissident Arts Orchestra:

Erika Dagnino (spoken word), Mossa Bildner (vocals), Cheryl Pyle (flute), Quincy Saul (clarinet), Rocco John Iacovone

(soprano and alto saxophones), Ras Moshe (saxophones, flutes), Nick Gianni (tenor saxophone and bass flute), Ben

Barson (baritone saxophone), Javier Hernandez-Miyares (electric guitar), Laurie Towers (electrc bass), Nicolas Letman

Burtinovic (upright bass), John Pietaro (drumkit, xylophone, musical direction) and others.


2012 MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER, 7.30 PM, Revival Bar, New York, USA

this event will feature 2 sets: Bob Heman poetry, with Ras Moshe flute; Erika Dagnino poetry, with Ras Moshe tenor sax,

flute and John Pietaro xylophone


2012 SATURDAY, 20 OCTOBER 7.30pm, 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts, Brooklyn, NYC  

The October Jazz Revolution - this event will feature 4 acts:

Radio NOIR; Erika Dagnino Ensemble; Nora Macarhy Duo; Ras Moshe's Music Now


2012 July 14, 6.00 pm - The Brecht Forum - New York, (USA)

                    Erika Dagnino – poetry, voice,  Andrea Wolper – vocals, Ras Moshe – saxes, flute, Ken Filiano – doublebass


2012 July 10, 8.00 pm - The Shrine Restaurant, Harlem - New York, (USA)

                    Brooklynita Trio

                    Erika Dagnino – poetry, voice,  Blaise Siwula – reeds, Ken Filiano – doublebass, and John Pietaro – drums


2012  July 9, 8.00 pm - Revival Bar - New York, (USA)

                    Parkway Duo

                    Erika Dagnino – poetry, voice,  Ras Moshe – tenor sax, flute


2012  July 8, 7.00 pm  - ABC no Rio, Coma Show Series, Lower East Side - New York, (USA)

                    Erika Dagnino  New Quintet

                    Erika Dagnino – poetry, voice, Sarah Bernstein – violin, Blaise Siwula – reeds,  Ras Moshe – tenor sax, flute,

                    John Pietaro – drums, percussion 


2012 July 3, 6.00 pm, Cornelia Street Café,  Greenwich Village - New York, (USA)

                   Erika Dagnino Quartet

                   Erika Dagnino – poetry, voice, Mossa Bildner – vocals, Ras Moshe –tenor sax, John Pietaro drums, percussion


2012  July 1, 6.00 pm - Down Town Music Gallery, China Town - New York, (USA)  

                   Brooklynita Trio

                   Erika Dagnino – poetry, voice, Blaise Siwula – reeds, Ken Filiano – double bass



                   at Cornelia Street Café Erika Dagnino poet, writer, performer with Sarah Bernstein, 

                   violin and Jean Carla Rodea, vocals

2012 New York – USA Erika Dagnino (poetry) with Ras Moshe (sax)  at Nightingale Lounge


2012 New York – USA Erika Dagnino (poetry) at Bowery Poetry Club  


September 10, 2011, 8.30 pm, HousevenT, Suite Galerie Urbaine, Geneve (SW)

                    Erika Dagnino (poetry, voice) , Heike Fiedler (poetry voice), Steve Buchanan (guitars)



July 22, 2011, 9.30 pm Clusone Jazz Festival 2011 at Piazza dell’Orologio in Clusone (IT),The Stefano Pastor Jazz 

                    Poetry Connection Stefano Pastor (violin , voice), Steve Waterman (trumpet), George Haslam (baritone

                    sax,  tarogato), Silvia Bolognesi (bass), Ken Filiano (bass),  Erika Dagnino (poetry , voice)


July 13, 2011, 10pm - Local 269  - NYC (USA), Blaise Siwula Ensemble  Blaise Siwula (saxes, clarinet), 

                    Sten Hostfalt  (guitar), Andy O'Neill (drums), Erika Dagnino (poetry)

July 12, 2011, 9pm - Goodbye Blue Monday - Brooklyn NYC (USA) Erika Dagnino (poetry) 

                    with Ras Moshe (sax, percussion)


July 11,2011, 7pm - SU POLO SERIES at Nightingale Lounge – NYC (USA) Erika Dagnino (poetry) 

                     with Ras Moshe (sax, percussion)

July 10,2011, 7pm - COMA Show at ABC No Rio - NYC (USA) Erika Dagnino with Blaise Siwula (saxes, clarinet),  

                   Ken Filiano (bass) and Sarah Bernstein (violin)  at ABC NO RIO


July 9, 2011, 8.30pm  - Cafe Orwell - Brooklyn - NYC (USA) Erika Dagnino (poetry)

                     with Blaise Siwula (saxes,  clarinet) 

July 3, 2011,  9pm - Shrine Restaurant - Harlem, NYC (USA) Erika Dagnino (poetry) with Sarah Bernstein (violin),  

                    Steve Dalachinsky (poetry), Ras Moshe (sax, percussion) 


July 3, 2011, 6pm - Downtown Music Gallery - Chinatown NYC (USA) Erika Dagnino (poetry) 

                    with Sarah Bernstein  (violin) and Jean Carla Rodea (voice)


May 29, 2011, 9.00 pm “Acqua Vitae” - Outdoor Festival – Anteprima della 4° Edizione Del Phonetica Jazz

                    Festival –  at Chiesa di S. Vito, Maratea (IT)     Aldo Bagnoni, Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor.


March 26, 2011, 8.00 pm"Sides" – Burton Taylor Studio at Oxford Playhouse Theatre – Oxford (UK)

                   George Haslam, Steve Kershaw, Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor


March 24, 2011, 8.00 pm , "Sides" 2011 Abingdon Arts Festival  at The Royal British Legion – Abingdon (UK)

                   George Haslam, Steve Kershaw, Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor


February 13, 2011 - 6.30 PM - Galerie Hus - Paris (FR)

                  Steve Dalachinsky & Sylvain Kassap duo; Itaru Oki; Erika Dagnino


January 1, 2011 - Dark Matters, The 17th Annual Alternative new Years’s Day Spoken 

                 Word/Performance Extravaganza – Bowery Poetry Club – Manhattan (NYC) USA  

                  Erika Dagnino (poetry)  


December 31, 2010 - 8.30 PM – 5c Cultural Center and Café – Manhattan   (NYC) USA

                 Poetry Music Trio Ras Moshe (sax, percussion), Erika Dagnino (poetry), Alex Wing (bass, piano)  


December 29, 2010 - 9.00 PM – Goodbye Blue MondayBrooklyn (NYC) USA

                 Poetry Music Duo Erika Dagnino (poetry), Blaise Siwula (sax,clarinet)


December 28, 2010 - 6.00 PM – Shrine Restaurant – Harlem (NYC) USA Poetry Music Quartet Erika Dagnino  

                 (poetry), Steve Dalachinsky(poetry, words), Yuko Otomo (poetry), Blaise Siwula (sax, clarinet)


December 27,2010 - 7.00 PM – Local 269 – Manhattan (NYC) USA

                 Rucma Arts For Arts Evolving Voice And Music Series,

                  Erika Dagnino (poetry), Steve Dalachinsky (words), Jason Mears (sax, clarinet), Ken Filiano (bass),

                  Satoshi  Takeishi (percussion).


July 18 - 8 PM, 2010; Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor, special guest Dominic Duval - Shrine  Harlem, 

                  NYC (USA)


July 16, 2010, 8PM; Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor  - Outpost 186 - Boston - MA (USA)


July 15, 2010; Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor, Jason Mears, Josh Sinton, special guest Ken Filiano

                    Douglass Street Music Collective - Brooklyn NYC (USA)


July 14, 2010 - 9 PM; Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor, special guest Jason Mears - Goodbye Blue Monday -  

                    Brooklyn NYC (USA)


July 13, 2010 - 9 PM; Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor, special guest Blaise Siwula - Yippie Museum Café - 

                      Greenwich Village NYC (USA)


July 12, 2010 - 6 PM; Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor, special guest Steve Dalachinsky

                      Downtown Music Gallery - Chinatown NYC (USA)


July 11, 2010 - 7 PM; Erika Dagnino, Stefano Pastor,  - COMA Show at ABC No-Rio- NYC (USA)


July 11, 2010 - 4 PM; Stefano Pastor, Erika Dagnino, special guest Satoshi Takeishi - Bowery Poetry Club -

                       NYC (USA)


2009 Genova, Palazzo Rosso, 4 Novembre; Il Seicento tra Passato e Futuro di E. Dagnino e S. Pastor, 

                      con G. Haslam, G. De Vecchi, M. Tindiglia.


2009 NYC (USA), at the Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village, 2 Ottobre,  con Stefano Pastor,

                       Jason Mears, Kevin Farrell, Mike Pride.  


2009 NYC (USA), at the Zebulon, 1 Ottobre, con Stefano Pastor e Brent Arnold.


2009 NYC (USA), at the Stone, 30 Settembre con Stefano Pastor.


2009 NYC (USA), at the LES Gallery Cafè - Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center - 29 Settembre;

                       con Stefano Pastor, Jason Mears, Chris Welcome, Reuben Radding, Harris Eisenstadt.


2009 NYC (USA) at the Downtown Music Gallery - 29 Settembre; con Stefano Pastor, Satoshi Takeishi and   

                        Giacomo Merega. 


2009 Comune Di Laveno Mombello, 27 Giugno, Critical Book&Wine

                      Andrea Rossi Andrea Ground Plane Antenna
                      Andrea Rossi Andrea: Bassi Elettrici, Basso Elettrico Midi
                      Erika Dagnino: Voce Recitante
                      Stefano Pastor: Violino

                      Villa Frua - Via Roma - Laveno Mombello (Varese)


2009 Torino XXII Fiera Internazionale del Libro, 17 maggio, performance poetico-musicale

                    Erika Dagnino e il violinista d’avanguardia free jazz Stefano Pastor.   


2009 Pavia, Circolo Culturale “Acqua su Marte, 11 maggio, Crossing  Artaud

                     E. Dagnino, S.Pastor, G. Mimmo.


2009 Roma, Sinister Noise, 23 Aprile, performance poetico-musicale 

                      con il  Forgiving July Trio at “Stoppengò”.


2009 Erika Dagnino Special guest all’ Undicesimo Episodio: Speciale Poesia, parte II del programma

                     radio Radio Sofia settimanale dedicato alla cultura alternativa italiana presentato da Emilia Telese, 

                     24 febbraio, Radio Reverb  


2007 Genova, Casa della Musica, 28 giugno; Cycles , E. Dagnino, S. Pastor   


2005, Genova,  March 3,  Jazz Trio at the "Madeleine Café-Teatro Club" - (IT)